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Your Second Income for a Lifetime and more.

Safe and high-yielding investment options in India are far and few in between. Either the liquid assets are too risk-intensive or the non-liquid ones don’t offer high year-on-year returns. For instance, investing in a real estate project has always been an integral part of one’s investment portfolio. However, disparity in land cost and rental price have reduced the ROI to a dismal 2-3%. While investing in commercial properties does yield better returns, it demands higher investments, greater maintenance costs, and an unusually high turnover ratio.

It is here that Tapovana Resorts offers a unique investment opportunity. By investing in Tapovana Resorts offerings, you can leverage commercial grade returns, coupled with no-maintenance and relatively risk-free options.

Tapovana Resorts

Heritage and Cultural Destination

It’s no surprise that heritage tourism is a huge draw across the globe. Naturally, India being the Spiritual Capital of the World, is on the verge of becoming the prime ‘Heritage and Cultural Destination’. Here are some interesting facts that corroborate this idea:

Indian tourism is expected to triple in revenue size in the next decade

Tapovana Resorts

Heritage towns

Hospitality industry will see phenomenal growth due to lack of accommodation, especially in indian Heritage towns

Tapovana Resorts

Traditional holiday-makers

India is bound to attract heritage enthusiasts, wellness and yoga practitioners, solace-seekers etc. from across the globe – all slated to spend 3 times more than traditional holiday-makers

Tapovana Resorts

Infrastructural Development

Increased efforts by the Indian government to boost infrastructural development will further carve out a dedicated market for Indian heritage, temple towns and other related activities

Riding on this, Tapovana Resorts is pioneering a new business model – ‘Invest in Heritage, Invest in India’. This will help build a sustainable returns option for the urban investor while providing them with a guaranteed second income for a lifetime.

Asset-Backed Investment

With the sole purpose of promoting solid assets, Tapovana Resorts has created an asset-driven market in prime Indian heritage cities and temple towns. Investors can now buy an undivided share of our resort land and avail multiple benefits, some of which include:

  • Complete ownership rights to fully furnished and air-conditioned rooms in our villas/suites, year round
  • Leasing back your high yield and no-maintenance share to promoters for commercial grade returns

Small Ticket Investments

To make investments affordable and hassle-free, we provide flexible investment
options to choose from. These include:

  • Varying investment slots starting from ₹20 Lakh to ₹1 Crore
  • Customized payment options such as one-time payment with attractive discounts or construction-linked payment schedules
Tapovana Resorts


1. Why are there only quarterly and not monthly rental payouts?
While the rental amount that you receive is per month basis, the actual payout to your account will be on a quarterly basis. The rental payouts are quarteryly to create system level efficiencies as accounting for revenue and depositing/transferring funds monthly will add additional resource/cost burden on the system.

2. Can I exit from my property investment?
Yes. If for any reason, you want to sell your property (exit investment), you can do so. However, the lock-in period comprises duration of property construction, and till the resort is completely operational.

3. Will Tapovana Resorts help me in reselling suites?
Yes. Subject to a nominal fee, Tapovana Resorts will help you resell your suite.

4. If my suite/villa has not been occupied for a month or has low occupancy, will my rental reduce?
No, as the rentals are based on the pooled revenue of the villas/rooms in the resort.

5. Who pays for the operational expenses?
Tapovana Resorts will take care of the operations and will therefore, manage operational expenses as well.

6. Who pays for property maintenance?
Tapovana Resorts will pay for the property maintenance.

7. As an owner, am I responsible for maintaining the property and getting repairs done?
No. Tapovana Resorts ensures timely maintenance of the property.

8. Who is responsible for paying property taxes?
Since the property is registered legally to you, you are responsible for paying the taxes. However, Tapovana Resorts will withhold the fractional amount from every quarterly payment and make the complete payment on your behalf in a timely manner and provide you with the receipt.

9. Can I remodel or reconstruct the resort unit that I own as per my needs?
No, owners are not entitled to remodel or reconstruct the unit.

10. Can I buy a property in your resort if I am an NRI?
Absolutely! In fact, a majority of our enquiries come from NRIs.

11. Can I buy property in your resort if I am a foreigner?
Please contact Tapovana Resorts for more details.

12. Can I sell my suite to a third party buyer?
Yes, after obtaining an NOC from Tapovana Resorts, you can sell the suite to a third party buyer. If required, Tapovana Resorts is also willing to assist you with the sale.

13. Can I gift the resort suite to my child/children?
Yes, it is your property after all, you can gift/will the resort suites to your child/children.

14. Can I mortgage my resort unit with a financier or banker?
Yes, you can use the property to raise funds. Please contact Tapovana Resorts for more details.

15. Why are your properties not in metropolitan cities such as Bangalore, New Delhi, etc.?
Hotels/Resorts in most metropolitan cities are reaching a saturation point, taking into consideration the high cost of real estate and operations. Under such a scenario, we believe our clients won’t get great rentals if we extend our presence across these locations.