Our story



A melting pot of diverse traditions, India’s cultural heritage flows from her 5,000-year-old civilization. Whether it’s deep-rooted customs and religious beliefs or varied languages and cuisines, every element has played an integral role in shaping India’s rich cultural legacy.

This is the glorious yet hidden legacy that we, at Tapovana Resorts, aspire to explore – by ‘creating destinations’ in temple towns and heritage sites. Inspired by local imprints, every resort is a seamless blend of luxurious experiences coupled with the local cultural flavor. Through our offerings, we endeavor to restore India’s hospitality fame and bring to life the age-old principle – ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ – which simply means Guest is God.


Yoga and Wellness retreats are emerging as the essence of Indian tourism with the industry taking an ‘active, spiritual’ shape. Tapping into this opportunity, Tapovana Resorts offers plenty of ways to destress and reconnect with nature. Our boutique resorts – complete with yoga centres, wellness programs, and ayurvedic spa facilities – provide spiritual experiences that rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.

So if you’re looking for an ‘active’ vacation, Tapovana Resorts is for you. Step into our unique luxury resorts and embark on your own journey to self-discovery today.


India has long been regarded as the treasure trove of culture, spirituality, and heritage. Lush green landscapes, rustic sculptures, and timeless traditions have shaped its identity and created an unparalleled destination for those with wanderlust.

At Tapovana Resorts, every journey is complemented by:

  • Well-rooted knowledge of heritage and wellness
  • An elevated experience that rejuvenates the body, mind, and soul
  • Authentic yoga treatments that trigger self-discovery
  • Elite partnerships to experience history at its best


At Tapovana Resorts, heritage hospitality and wellness lie at the heart of our vision statement. By bringing the deserved attention to these two elements, we aim to become one of the leading heritage hospitality players in the world – taking yoga, health, and wellness to the next level.



To drive our vision forward, we constantly seek to create destinations out of temple towns and heritage sites and offer a holistic cultural experience like no other.



As we create world-class hospitality resorts around heritage sites and temple towns, the guiding principle to all our efforts lies creating boutique offerings.

Over the years, ‘standardization’ has become synonymous with the hospitality industry. It is thus our endeavor to craft a distinct identity for ourselves in the space of heritage hospitality – one that combines comfort with heritage and delivers class with every travel experience.